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Set in a huge open world, Deadside is a hardcore online shooter with survival elements. In many ways, Deadside is not a typical survival game because it mainly focuses on shooting, hunting for enemies, and completing missions. Give students some time to finish up and review their organisms at the beginning of the next class. After a few minutes, explain the rules of The Survival Games. Present climate change scenarios on the board along with traits that organisms could have that would either help or hurt (e.g., if the scenario was a forest fire, having wings would help animals escape, whereas living in trees would hurt an animal’s chance of survival). The ocean is scary enough, but uncharted waters on a new world is a whole new ball of wax. Unlike other survival games, the landscape is rather calming with deep blue waters, vibrant fish all around and underwater landscapers that are a cool math games word search spectacle to see. So whatrsquo;s the catch? Yoursquo;re constantly in a battle with running out of oxygen. Not only do you have to scavenge for food and supplies, but yoursquo;re always against the clock when it comes to your O2. Who knew breathing would be so tough?